Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 3 - September 14, 2011

Hola Familia,

Another solid week. Here are the highlights:

. . . Sunday night’s fireside was quite special. President Brown did a surprise commemoration for 9/11 and we watched a short clip of the events that took place that day, and then watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance that Tom Brokaw narrated. I was excited because I saw that that event was happening from an ad on the home page and was upset I'd have to miss it. But I didn't have to. It was a little weird watching the clips though after watching "Loose Change". It still was a terrible tragedy though and something only this country could recover from so quickly. I can only imagine the amount of TV and news that was devoted to 9/11. Ten years! Crazy. And I'll be gone for 1/5 that amount.

There is still no word on my visa. One sister in my district got hers and left this morning. She got to call her family because she found out 4 days ago. There are a LOT of Peru missionaries here and some have been here for 6 weeks with no visa yet, some are leaving as scheduled. It just seems to be the luck of the draw. But I know that Heavenly Father is keeping me around for a reason. Class is going really well. Our district gets along great with the teachers and they are both amazing. One is Brother Zimmermen who is like 24, and the other is Sister McEwen, who has been back for 7 weeks and served in New York. They're both very passionate about the language and the mission (just like every missionary i suppose) and do a great job teaching. . .

Last night we were spoiled with another apostle. M. Russell Ballard talked at devotional about a lot of awesome stuff. One awesome thing he said was a quote by Joseph Smith, "Round up your shoulders and bear it, always sustain and defend the church, and the Kingdom of God." He also talked about always focusing on the atonement and striving to be more like Christ. I'm always left with a comforting feeling after hearing an apostle because the emphasize how important us missionaries are to the church. I have so many people that have my back - Heavenly Father, the apostles and First Presidency, family and friends. I think about the bungee jumping analogy a lot.

But, the days are really flying by. Apparently we were one of the first Spanish groups to test out some new program. They've redone it a little where now we are given three red books with a new style of teaching Spanish, and in the future they hope to send out Spanish missionaries in 5 weeks! As much as I know, I wouldn't be completely against just going out now, but it's nice knowing I've still got a whopping 6 weeks left to enjoy the mtc and practice more and more. . .

Love you all. I'm loving life, and all the people I'm serving with.
Elder Farmer

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