Monday, July 9, 2012

July 2 and July 9

July 2
 Elder Pereyra, President & Sister Chipman, Elder Farmer

Training is awesome so far.  Really.  The mission is so enjoyable when you have a companion that really wants to work and you can make the calls. My companion is Elder Pereyra from Huankayo, Peru. He’s 20 years old and super short. At the transfers meeting, President took advantage and invited practically the whole mission to make it his farewell. He and his wife shared a lot testimonies and gave some good advice and then said bye, one by one. President Chipman flew home on Saturday at 9 in the morning and the new President took control. We still haven’t heard anything from him but we’re pretty sure he’s in the mission home getting to work. 

Its fun being a trainer and its really forcing me to dedicate myself more to the work. I now have more desire than ever to teach and have good numbers. We are waking up on time, having our companionship studies, leaving at the right time in the afternoon, and really concentrating on teaching with the spirit. We also baptized Edu yesterday!  (The 18 year old that we found a month and a half ago that really has great desires to change his life.)  And, many other investigators are making great strides. I have so much desire to help these people become members of the church and have a really a great relationship with all of them. Aracely and Wilder should finally be getting married on the 14th because the relief society did a fundraiser and we finally have money. Clara Torres is another that is progressing great and has such a big heart. Really, family, the mission is the greatest when you can just focus on the people and ¨lose yourself¨. 

President Chipman and Sister Chipman are going to have a meeting for all the family members of missionaries here in Piura and RM´s that they got to know here.  It’s going to be in Utah in a church building in Salt Lake City on July 15th. I don’t have the address right now but I’ll send it soon. Brandon and Jaclyn and maybe even Scott should definitely try and go! I told President Chipman that he will recognize my brother right away because he looks just like me, only taller. Hope all is well family. Enjoy the heat!

July 9 (Trip to Catecaus)

Things have been going well here training. Me and Elder Pereyra get along really well and he is very enthusiastic and willing to learn. I’m learning a lot personally too and we are doing a lot of great things. This week we found a family of 3 very prepared to accept the gospel. Alejandra, 34, and her two sons Fernando, 15, and Brando, 12. They have been struggling as a family to stay unified and we were able to enter their lives at just the right moment. The only difficulty is that they are looking for another house because the renter asked them to move and we are hoping they find one inside our area. Pray on their behalf, please! We are also finalizing the last details of the wedding of Wilder and Aracely. The relief society did a fundraiser a week and a half ago but still don’t have any of the money that people owe them. But, once we get it, we’ll be able to marry them in no time. They are also a couple very willing to change their lives and I have grown to love them quite a bit. We have other young kids that are also progressing and just about to be baptized. Every change I’ve had here has started out with HUGE potential. I’m hoping that this one can actually end well with all of the baptisms that we have possible.
On Thursday we met the new president and his wife.  President Rowley still remembers quite a bit of Spanish from when he served in Argentina, but Sister Rowley has forgotten the majority after serving in Columbia many moons ago. They are a couple from Nephi, Utah.

Elder Farmer shopping in Catecaus
Today we went to Catecaus and I went a little crazy buying stuff for the parents. One thing that I bought was an original painting by a very cool guy that has a gallery there. I’ve entered 3 or 4 times before but never left when anything. I would just go and talk to the guy and observe his amazing art. But this time I walked away with one. I’m including a picture and the one that he is holding is the one I bought. There was another one that I wanted but decided to go for one a little more basic (the one of the Peruvian Indian).  I also got measured up to get a suit made. A brother from another ward makes suits at a great price and I figured I’d take advantage of it and get myself a fitted suit.
But, life is good out here family. Love you all!
Elder Farmer

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