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March 2013

March 4, 2013                      que vengan las lluvias
We have found a few solid people and one family that has great potential l.   I’m trying my best to leave the area in order for the next missionary that will be coming in next week. Yep, this is the last week of the transfer which means I may be out of here.  It is weird to think that I have been here since September and that I have the same amount of time left in the mission has I have had here in this area.

On Wednesday we went back to the old couples house where we had previously dug a hole  and made it even deeper. They are ready to seal the top off with some cement and call it a septic tank.  On Saturday night the rain season officially started. We didn´t even realize it had rained until we woke up and saw the streets filled with water. The majority of the people were up all night trying to keep water out of their homes with buckets. They use bricks made out of just sand and water that harden and make for a cheap wall and don’t require a foundation. But, when the rain comes you can imagine the panic because water washes it right away if you´re not careful.
We went to another beach today to a place called Yasila.  It is a lot less touristy and easy going than Colan and  super gorgeous. We climbed around  the rocks and took some great pictures by the water.  I love to hear that Nick is recuperating  slowly but surely.


March 11, 2013 
They announced that transfers this morning and it turns out that it`ll be my first time having 5 transfers in one area and 3 transfers with one companion.  My time here in Paita is up and tomorrow I am heading to Piura bright and early to found out where God is sending me. It is weird to think that my birthday is just one month away and that I`ve been in two areas in 11 months! Time really has flown by since I first got to Paita.  I have learned so much as a district leader and companion and feel ready to sacar el ancho and work my tail off.
We started teaching a super special family in the past week and a half. They live in the very last block of our area, just before entering the dessert. They are a young couple but already have 5 kids! The rains came in 2 weeks ago and they didn’t have a solid roof so for two nights they slept huddled together soaking wet. This week we helped them put together their house a bit.   I never would have imagined seeing something like this to tell the truth. They build their ¨houses¨ out of whatever they can find. Four posts put into the ground, wooden crates for walls or whatever other plywood you can find, and then cardboard to cover the holes and a tin roof. It was quite the project and quite the moving experience to see how their kids are so happy even with having SO very little. Life is tough out here for the people. If the fishing isn`t going well, everyone suffers and is out of work.   I have enjoyed my time here and will fill you in on the transfer next week. 

 March 18 2013    I got Subed
What an exciting transfer.  I was sure that I´d be getting sent to another area as district but it turns out   that President Rowley gave me a new assignment as zone leader! How great.  So Tuesday morning me and just 5 other missionaries from Paita went to Piura for the transfer meeting (about an hour and 15 minute drive in bus.  I was sent...... to TUMBES.  Woah!  A 5 and a half hour drive up north in bus. The trip was super awesome because we follow the beach for about 2 hours.  I had mentioned in the past that Tumbes is the northern most zone in the mission by Ecuador.   It is known for its heat and humidity this time of year when the rains come in but It´s super cool most of the time considering what I’m  now used to.  And the best part is that it´s super green up here!  Paita is literally a dessert, but up here it rains a ton and there are plants all over.
There are two zones in tumbes: Tumbes, and Puyango. I´m in Puyango with 14 other missionaries in the zone and just 2 sister missionaries. The ward  is called Andres Araujo.  My companion is from Guatamala and his name is Elder Muralles.   We´ve found some great prospects to teach.  We´ve got lots of work to do but I’m ready.  Visiting other districts, traveling to Piura for Zone Councils, work visits with the assistants, etc, should be quite the experience.

March 25, 2013
We found a super awesome grandma named Maria Felicita. We found her last Sunday and she quickly explained to us that she had recently moved to Tumbes and had been living in the jungle with another daughter of hers.  When she was there she was visited by ¨los mormonsitos¨ but couldn’t get baptized because she had to travel out here and there wasn´t time.  She came out here and for a few weeks asked her self where in the world the Mormons were, when all of a sudden we knocked on her door and found her again. She´s got to be 75 at least but is super funny in her own old lady kind of way.  We´ve been working hard. The ward is looking positive. I’m praying for miracles.                     Elder Rymuchaco

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