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December 2012

December 3, 2012
 The week went really well. Our numbers got better and a few exciting things happened. On Tuesday, an investigator named Teresa told us she was finally feeling ready to be baptized. The ward still wants to help out and we have the training meeting planned for this coming Sunday. It should be a great opportunity to get members motivated and I’m sure we´ll see the fruits in the future. 
Today we went to a city called Pueblo Nuevo as a zone. It’s about 30 minutes away in between the desert and farmlands. We went and hiked up to a cool look out spot with three crosses, then played kickball and soccer on a large grassy field. It was the first time I stepped foot on grass in 14 months and it felt great. I’m excited to get back to BYU-Idaho and play soccer again. 

Anywho, all is well. We are going to keep working hard and work even harder. I miss everyone back home but am very content here in Paita. I´ll be well taken care of on Christmas.  Que el espiritu de navidad esté con ustedes! (May the spirit of Christmas be with you!)

December 10

Vanessa and Jean Pierre are progressing very well.  Keep praying for them! Last night my district held an orientation meeting for all the members from the two branches. We were planning it for two weeks and were excited to be able to motive the members to participate in missionary work and share the gospel. There were about 30 people there and I led the meeting that lasted an hour and a half. It was a big success and we hope to see the fruits of our efforts in coming weeks and in the coming year especially.  I feel busy and useful as District Leader but the big challenge is always managing my time between visiting members, visiting investigators, and also looking for new people to teach. We are now in the last week of the transfer! I can’t believe how fast these last 5 weeks have gone by. Now just 2 weeks until Christmas!

December 17    Navidad! Casi
(Christmas! Almost)

Wow, what an amazing package! I tip my hat off to you two for being such awesome parents. You have made several other missionaries very jealous that their parents only sent a few sweets and didn’t include any pictures, socks, etc. You have really outdone yourselves with this one. We went to the zone leader´s room on Saturday to pick up another jug of drinking water and there was my package! A missionary here in the zone had gone to Lima for his identification stuff and was able to bring up a bunch of letters and packages from Piura when he returned. So I opened the package right there with the ZL´s and another companionship that was there. Everyone was so interested in seeing how much stuff was put into a little box. I’m sending a picture of the 6 of us where everyone has an item from the package. So thanks. The pictures were very thoughtful. The basketball game (classic), puzzle that reminded me of Christmas at home, and socks, and chocolate, and stockings, and silly putty (huge classic!), and lots of other awesome stuff. 

Today I put on some knee high Santa socks and played some fulbito with the zone.  They announced the transfers and it turns out that my companion Elder Peralta is moving on. Half of the district is going to new areas - the 4 that have most time here in Paita. Tomorrow at noon my new companion will be arriving along with the others.  After playing soccer we went to lunch and ate some delicious ¨rice with seafood¨. Snails, squid, and shrimp. Mmmmm (see picture). But really, it´s not bad.
It was a good week. Vanesa will be getting baptized on Sunday if all goes according to plan.Everyone here is quite worried about the 21st. The news stations here LOVE to panic everyone and show all sorts of video clips of the end of the world and ¨science¨ evidence. 
But, the mission is great. In one day you can have 5 lows but one almost high that makes it all worth it. It´s tough to think about how many people don´t know and don’t want to know about what we know, you know? Yeah.... But I hope you all have a great week and enjoy your time together.  It’s looking like we´ll be able to skype, now it is just matter of getting a camera, which also is looking possible.    Elder Rychacho

December 25, 2012      T Minus 2 Hours Until Elder Farmer gets to Skype with his Family in Colorado.....

     (Watching Town Christmas Eve Celebrations
      from Rooftop)

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