Monday, January 7, 2013

November 2012

November 5
We’re teaching great people but they were found about 3 months ago and progress very slowly. It’s likely that they will get baptized SOMETIME in the future. Only 4 missionaries out of 20 were transferred out of the zone so Elder Peralta and I will have 6 more weeks together.
The only highlight of the week is that on Wednesday we had another painting job. This time is was our pensionista´s house. It was our last day in that pension as well. We started eating in the neighbor’s house (her sister in law) on Thursday. We got to know the family really well in just 5 short weeks. It was nothing but laughter there and they treated us very well. One night they even took us out for Chinese food. They have a little son named Matias who is 3 years old. Enjoy the picture of him sporting the cool green wig that mom and dad sent me.

November 12
This week went well. We actually started having a bit more of success in finding new people to teach. Two that we began teaching were Edgar´s brother and sister. They are just like Edgar... very sincere and interested. We’ll see how they can progress.
Today is Elder Peralta´s 21st birthday. At the zone activity we smashed eggs on his head and gave him and nice flour shower.

Nothing more to report. The work keeps going and I keep learning. We hope to have the baptism of Ronald Venegas this transfer. He has been receiving lessons since June and has made big changes in his life. He has a baptismal date for December 2 but is still struggling a bit with the word of wisdom. Please pray for him in particular. Also Vanessa and Jean Pierre.

November 19, 2012

Hola Familia
Tengo ganas de escribir en español pero haré lo justo y escribir para que todos puedan entender.
(I have wanted to write in Spanish but will do the right thing and write so that everyone can understand)

It was an interesting week. We taught Jean Pierre and his sister again and put them on a baptismal date for December 16. Today we had a fun zone activity and are getting a lot closer. I´ve learned some sweet games to teach back in the states when I return.
Thanks for sending me emails family. Have a great thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you and all the support you have given me thus far. Every Monday I get a little stronger. Sometimes a little trunkier too but it’s alright. Also, I have really come to appreciate the gospel that we know and live. What an incredible blessing to know that God reopened the heavens and called prophets once again and that WE are part of that work. Sound cheesy? I know. But it’s true.
Love you all
Elder Farmer

November 26, 2012

This was a great week. We are seeing some great things and have high hopes for the future. The branch is super alive and willing to help out. They have woken up and we have set a lot of goals to go on visits with the different organizations and presidencies. As a district we are working hard at getting the members interested and active in missionary work. We are going to hold a training meeting for both branches on December 9th where we`ll talk about ways to invite friends, family, and neighbors to come to church and ways to participate in missionary work. We need to get people more excited about sharing the gospel. We have seen a lot of progress in Vanessa and all is going according to plan. There are a few other people that could possibly be baptized in this transfer or coming transfers. But, the important thing is that we are working hard to strengthen the branch in any way we can. We´ve brought back a few less active families to church and are getting the young men excited about the missions.

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