Thursday, January 31, 2013

Janaury 21 - 28

Hope all is well. I feel particularly blessed today to be in the mission. I wouldnt want to be in any other place in the world. Yesterday we had the baptism of Flavio. It was a very awesome experience to get to know him and teach him. Right after the baptism he asked us, ¨Do you have an envelope so I can pay my tithing?¨ What faith! It really was a miracle that we could find him and help him to know the message of the restored gospel. We stopped teaching him for about a month because we couldnt find him and he appeared uninterested, but we went back and found him ready. Me da miedo solo imaginar que hubiera pasado si le habriamos dejado por siempre. Perhaps he didnt get baptized with a perfect understanding of the restoration and Joseph Smith... but that´s not what the Lord requires. All he expects is a broken heart and contrite spirit. And flavio always had that. He acted upon his feelings and has shown a great love for the Savior. I had the privelage of baptizing him. ¨How was the water, Flavio?¨ ¨Awesome.¨ Haha
This is the last week before transfers. This transfer flew by  fast and I’m definitely a little nervous for the coming transfer. I’m super comfortable with where I am at.  Paita is awesome. It’s very hot just like any other place in Piura. but it’s so close to the ocean that we get the nice ocean breeze. Also, the people are amazing... members, pensionista, etc. But it is always nice to have new doors to knock and people to get to know. It will be interesting to see what God has in store for me in these last 5 transfers. WOW! Just 5 more! But yeah.  I’m loving the mission as much as I can and my time here in South America.

Wow, I cant beleive it. I am staying in my area for yet another transfer! I never would have thought that i´d stay in one area for 6 months yet again.

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